Code snippets from my WordCamp presentation

Here are some code snippets from my WordCamp Whistler presentation. This article will be expanded in the coming week but in the meantime here they are for anyone wanting to play around with them:

Custom Page Templates in 5 lines of code

Custom Fields in one line of code

ID, '$key', true); ?>

Custom Field that parses PHP code

ID, 'centerBox', true); ?>
'.$boxContent); ?>

4 thoughts on “Code snippets from my WordCamp presentation

  1. Not officially sent by NetChick (this round) but thought I’d check all the other blogs out. Then I realized that I’m glad I came here to offer a “thank you” for the video you guys (Dabbler) did for us a year and a bit ago. Hurray!

    Anyway, I’ll definitely add you to my feed reader now. 🙂


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