First photo of my new Expression Web 3 book

FedEx just dropped off a hardcopy version of my new book Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Expression Web 3 in 24 Hours along with what’s called an “F&G” (Folded and Gathered) copy for corrections in prep for the first reprint. That means you can go get your hands on this hot-off-the-presses volume right now!

2 thoughts on “First photo of my new Expression Web 3 book

  1. Hi Morton,
    The book is probably the best tutorial piece I’ve ever encountered.

    I do find I’m having a lot of trouble making my way through hour 14 and am wondering if there might be any errors in the text. If there are, is there any kind of “errata” file yet?

    Many thanks for your hard work!

    Rev. Dr. Jerold A. “Jerry” Garber

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