Installing and Running WordPress: WAMP – New course

It’s been on the books for quite some time and now it’s finally out. We have just released the new course Installing and Running WordPress: WAMP in the Online Training Library. The course is a detailed walk-through of how to use WAMPServer to install and run WordPress on any Windows computer. Topics covered include how to install WAMP and WordPress and make them work together, how to access and work with WordPress and its files while running under WAMP, and how to back up your content from WAMP so you can uninstall it without losing all your work in the process.

Having WordPress installed natively on your computer makes experimenting with and building things for WordPress much easier and is an important tool in your WordPress toolkit. Installing and Running WordPress: WAMP is now available, so go check it out and let me know what you think!

This course is part of the Installing and Running WordPress course series. Other courses available include:

3 thoughts on “Installing and Running WordPress: WAMP – New course

  1. Excellent video! I have one question for you. If I want to work on two different “sits'” how do I do that? A new databas or do I need to install a new version with wordpress or maybe even bye mamp pro? Johan

    1. @Johan: I currently have 4 different sites running under WAMP. To get this to work I have four separate WordPress installations under the www folder and four different databases set up through phpMyAdmin.

      1. Ty everything works fine now! But one more question to you! When I switch between the different “sites” I have created I have to go out to Mamp/Preferences/apache and then select that wordpressinstallation (site) I want to work with. This is what I do and its works fine, but it feels like its not the fastest way todo it. Or is it just how we have to do it? Is this the way you do it? Johan Ps What do you think about the “”, is interesting for is it too new? Johan

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