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Microsoft Expression Web 4 LiveLessons 50% off!

Limited time only, so be quick about it! My LiveLessons video series on Expression Web 4 is being sold straight from QUE at 50% off – so a ridiculous $20 for 5+ hours of training – right now. Just follow this link.

The sale also includes a bunch of other great titles including Office 2007 and Windows 7. Full details below:

“LiveLessons are video courses organized into bite-sized, self-contained sessions so you can learn key skills in as little as 15 minutes. Each session begins with well-defined learning objectives and ends with comprehensive summaries, which help you track your progress. LiveLessons video training video formats include standalone DVD-ROMs, value-priced DVD/Book Bundles, Safari Books Online subscription services and purchases, and immediately-downloadable (streaming) lesson sets or individual lessons.

For a limited time, SAVE 50% on these featured LiveLesson DVDs and full course downloads. Discount is automatically applied to the shopping cart.”

Click here for all the details and a complete listing of courses available.

By Morten Rand-Hendriksen

Morten Rand-Hendriksen is a Senior Staff Instructor at LinkedIn Learning (formerly specializing in AI, bleeding edge web technologies, and the intersection between technology and humanity. He also occasionally teaches at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. He is a popular conference and workshop speaker on all things tech ethics, AI, web technologies, and open source.

7 replies on “Microsoft Expression Web 4 LiveLessons 50% off!”

Hi Morten. Looking forward to getting this book when it comes out. So far is unable to retrieve it from their database. DO you have any copies available? Thanks.

The Expression 4 Livelessons are wonderful! Only real issue I am having is that there is pause or rewind buttons. Is there any other application that will run the dvd, to utilize these functions? Thanks

If you want to pause or fast forward, the following worked for the Deitel C++ Fundamentals livelessons:

Download a free FLV player such as “FLV Player”. Right click the .flv file for the lesson you wish to watch in the “data” directory of the DVD. Choose “open with” -> FLV Player.

Now, to pause, press the space bar, to fast forward press the right arrow, rewind is left arrow.

Happy coding!

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