No longer ‘just’ an author

For the past 3 years I’ve been moonlighting as an author for online video training library making instructional courses about WordPress and web design and development. Working with the staff at and interacting with my viewers has given me a whole new understanding of the work I do on the web and also an avenue to help others make sense of the web and use it to take control of their online presence and create great things. So far I’ve created 9 courses and many of these have already seen several updates. And that’s just the beginning.

From ‘Author’ to ‘Staff Author’

As of today, October 1st, 2012, my title changes from “Author” to “Staff Author”. What does that mean? First and most importantly it means I will be making more courses on web design, development, WordPress, and other topics so I can share more of my knowledge with you and do my part to educate the users of the web. Secondly it means I will now be able to dedicate my time primarily to the development and production of courses with Though the exact roadmap for the future has yet to be laid out what I can say is there will be more WordPress, more web design and development, and more cool stuff.

What does that mean for Pink & Yellow Media and Design is Philosophy?

This change of title begs one important question about the future of Pink & Yellow Media and this blog. The good news is nothing will change – at least not on the surface. Pink & Yellow Media will continue to take on clients and creating great websites for individuals, small businesses and large corporations. And I will continue blogging about web design, WordPress, and whatever else seems topical right here on Design is Philosophy. In fact I hope I’ll be able to publish more content here. Behind the scenes I will take on more of a consulting role in the company allowing for others to take on some of the more labour intensive challenges. To be able to deliver the best and most up-to-date educational material through I still have to have a foot firmly planted in the real-life day to day of web design and development. That is the only way to keep up to snuff of what’s going on. But rather than doing all the work myself my plan is to bring on a select group of designers and developers and grow the company. This will be a huge learning opportunity for me and the new members of the team and will ensure that both present and future Pink & Yellow Media clients get the best the web has to offer from us.

More to come…

These are exciting times for Angela and myself. We are in the process of building the new Pink & Yellow Media studio in Burnaby and my new role at opens new opportunities for us as well as our company. And most of all I am very excited about adding my name to the list of amazing people already working for and being able to keep making training materials for the users and builders of the web. Exciting times indeed. Stay tuned. More to come…

By Morten Rand-Hendriksen

Morten Rand-Hendriksen is a Senior Staff Instructor at LinkedIn Learning (formerly specializing in AI, bleeding edge web technologies, and the intersection between technology and humanity. He also occasionally teaches at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. He is a popular conference and workshop speaker on all things tech ethics, AI, web technologies, and open source.

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Congrats Morten…

I am a longtime user (224 courses completed!) and as an official ‘old geezer’ designer/developer, (age 72) I find myself in constant need of learning new skills & sweeping out the mental cobwebs! Thanks for your great work. Best of luck with the new position.

Congratulations… To us all! I’m thrilled to know I’ll be able to follow more of your courses on I’m a multimedia design student & have been taking some lynda courses regarding a very wide range of subjects, when I can. Your tutorials are my favorite. It’s not just the subject, because I love many aspects of multimedia, but it is your delivery. You are VERY clear and precise and don’t ever seem to miss a beat. I sometimes wonder if you sit with detailed notes while guiding us through the long lessons. How on earth do you remember to hit every point, dead on? 😉 Anyway, I appreciate you being out there for me & once again… congratulations!

Hei gratulerer det er flott at du skal fortsette å lage gode kurs for Du snakker godt forståelig Engelsk :)som er lett å følge med på. Skal gå gjennom alle kursene dine..

Congratulations!!! and thank you.

I first bought your book on learning Microsoft Expression Web 3 a couple years ago, and loved your style of teaching. I have been a member of for the past year and have watched your videos, I must say you have a unique style and my hat goes off to you. If possible I’d like to see you do more on JavaScript and jQuery. I have a much easier time following your instruction than I do some of the others. No offense to anyone, but your style takes on the layman approach where others tend to forget who their audience is. At 49 years old I am having to learn a new field in order to make a living. My future depends on my learning this. Thanks again for what you do.

Will be creating any courses as to how to develope or change WordPress Themes via Expression Web 4?? I used your books and videos that are not a part of and they were excellent.

What are your thoughts on what MS is going to do with this product – if anything?

Congratulations on your excellent work at I was in the middle of taking one of your courses, “WordPress 3: Creating Child Themes” and then it suddenly went inactive yesterday. Does this mean you have withdrawn the course because it has become obsolete?

Do you have any recommendations for newer courses/appraoches? (I am new to WordPress. I was building a twenty-ten-based child theme for someone, but I might go back and patch up their existing WordPress twenty-eleven-based site instead).

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