Oslo Love – Vote for my first ever Threadless submission

I’m a big t-shirt fanatic and I’ve often wished I could get a t-shirt design printed by Threadless. This month the opportunity arose when they started the Threadless Loves Your City contest. So I created a design to honour my favourite city, the one where I spent my formative years; Oslo, Norway.

The design is simple: Emblazoned on the silhouette of the iconic Oslo City Hall are the names of all the sections (bydeler) in Oslo. The design is red and white and is printed on a blue shirt to correspond with the colours in the Norwegian flag.

To get the shirt printed it has to be voted through. So now it’s up to you, dear followers, to go to Threadless and vote for my Oslo design.

I believe you need an account to vote. Luckily accounts are free and do not require you to buy anything. Of course once my shirt does get approved you will want to buy it because it will be your doing, but that’s down the road. For now, just vote!

One thought on “Oslo Love – Vote for my first ever Threadless submission

  1. Cool print! Good luck for you first try, sure is you have something for the competition. This reminds me by the way of the printed shirt that I’ve made back then in college just killing sometime, it wasn’t that great but its quite fulfilling to see you sketch in shirt. Gook luck!

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