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Using the new WordPress 3.4 Theme Customizer – new post on the blog

If you’re a WordPress user you need to check out the new Theme Customizer tool. I published an article and video on the Theme Customizer over at the blog about a week ago. Here is the video and an excerpt. Head to the blog for the whole piece with more info.

Of the many great reasons for using WordPress to create your web site or blog, one of the most important ones is that WordPress is an ever evolving platform. That means with every new version release you can expect to see either security and usability upgrades, or the addition of whole new features. In the case of the latest WordPress evolution–version 3.4, released for and WordPress for self-hosting–we see both regular security hole fixes and code patches, as well as some cool new features for site owners and developers. One feature in particular that is worth special mention is the new Theme Customizer.

Read more at the blog.