Apple Tax is renamed Apple System Access Fee

Ever since Microsoft introduced the term, “Apple Tax” has referred to the premium cost of buying an Apple computer as opposed to a “regular” same spec PC. The problem is that the word “tax” implies that the extra money is paid into a pool that benefits everyone. But in the case of Apple, the extra money paid goes straight in the pockets of good old Steve and the other share holders. In other words, the term “Apple Tax” is misleading. We need a new and better term to fit the definition. Once again Morten’s Encyclopedia of Proper Definitions comes to the rescue:

Apple System Access Fee (formerly “Apple Tax”): The added cost of buying an Apple computer (Mac) that is not reflected in increased performance or usability but solely in the brand. The term “system access fee” stems from a fee charged by Canadian cell phone carriers that does not relate to any real cost for the carrier but is designed to bleed the users dry. Similar terms include “Sony Manufacturing Fee” and “Bang & Olufsen Style Fee”.