My XBOX Avatar Looks Just Like Me!

When the world of web design gets too complicated I tend to gravitate toward the living room and my much neglected XBOX 360. I was a huge gamer when I was younger – in fact StarCraft nearly ruined my university degree – but since then I really didn’t play much. Until two Christmases ago when I picked up a 360 at a ridiculously low price.

But I digress.

The hotly anticipated “New XBOX Experience” launched yesterday to much fanfare. And in my view it is well deserved. The new user interface is incredibly user friendly and I actually ended up spending hours leafing through the menus and watching videos etc. Which is weird because the options have always been there – I just never bothered to look.

But again, I digress.

One of the main features of the New XBOX Experience is the inclusion of customizeable avatars. And when I say “customizeable” I mean to the point where they end up looking like you! Except for the blue shirt (I always wear black) my avatar actually looks a lot like me down to the lanky arms, folded up jeans and droopy eyes. And I was able to build one that looks a lot like my better half Angela as well. Stunning.

And once you’re finished making your digital self you can now install your games directly to your hard drive for faster load times and less noise. Which for me resulted in two hours of Burnout Revenge. I can’t help it: Crashing cars is just too much fun.