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Most Popular Browsers (or Why You Need to Code for Internet Explorer 6)

I ran some stats today on this blog and to see what browsers people use to view the site. The results were pretty much as expected and prove that even though Internet Explorer 7 has been out for quite a while now and IE8 is on the horizon, people still predominantly use the CSS mangling Internet Explorer 6. stats:

  1. Internet Explorer 6.0 – 18.34%
  2. Internet Explorer 7.0 – 11.18%
  3. Firefox 2.0 – 6.80%
  4. Mozilla 5 – 6.50%
  5. Firefox 1.0 – 4.58%
  6. Netscape – 3.34%
  7. Firefox 1.5 – 2.39% stats:

  1. Internet Explorer 7.0 – 18.58%
  2. Internet Explorer 6.0 – 16.35%
  3. Firefox 2.0 – 15.77%
  4. Safari – 3.15%
  5. Firefox 1.5 – 2.92%
  6. Mozilla 5 – 1.40%
  7. Internet Explorer 5.5 – 1.21%

(If you’re wondering why these stats don’t ad up, it’s because I took out the Google, MSN and Yahoo! search bots)

These stats are actually quite interesting. First off, it’s obvious that people insist on holding on to older versions of web browsers. God knows why, but they do. Secondly, considering that this blog only contains info on programming and design and therefore should have visitors who are predominantly programmers or designers, it’s surprising to see that IE 6 tops the list. One would expect that the people who make web sites are the most up to date on the newest versions. I also note that Safari doesn’t figure on this list but comes in at #4 on Dabbler’s (guess Mac users don’t care much about Microsoft Expression). I’m glad to see that Firefox is climbing the charts even though it still has a long way to go before it can top Internet Explorer. But what really makes me scratch my head is #6, Netscape. Seeing as that company officially dumped the navigator last month, I don’t understand why programmers still use it. It’s crap people! Move on.