2012 CIRA Board of Directors Election Nominations Open

Got a .ca domain? If so, you should register as a member of the CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority). You can do so by following this link. Membership is free and zero obligation and gives you access to resources and the power to nominate people for and vote in the CIRA Board of Directors elections which happen to be happening right now.

Over the years I have held several positions on boards, committees and in political organizations, and I am well versed with committee process, financial management and political strategy. This combined with my broad experience in web design, development and education as well as my strong connection to the Canadian web community makes me an ideal candidate for the CIRA Board of Directors. How’s that for a political pitch! All jokes aside though, I do want you to nominate me for this position, and vote for me in the upcoming elections.

Having a user voice on the Board of Directors of the CIRA is vitally important as the future of the internet in Canada and in the world is currently being laid out by our often misguided political representatives. The internet has changed the world by giving every man, woman, and child a voice and allowing anyone to share their thoughts, ideas, and content freely and without restriction. This has lead to everything from media shifts to social change and even political and national groundswells, and it must be allowed to continue. We live in a digital age, and the internet is at its core.

From the CIRA press release:

Ottawa, July 31, 2012 — The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is asking its Members to take part in the exclusive Member-only Nomination period by nominating themselves or someone they know for the 2012 CIRA Board of Directors Election.

.CA Members play a valuable role in contributing to CIRA’s corporate strategic direction by directly participating in governance activities such as Board of Director Elections. This is an opportunity for our Members to take a leadership role in the development of the Internet of the future to ensure it continues to be an open and accessible public resource.

We are looking for Canadians with board experience and/or an interest in technology and the Internet. Expertise in one of the following areas would be an asset: accounting, law, marketing and communications or technology.

Nominations may be submitted by Members until to 6 p.m. (ET) on August 13th, 2012 at:

Thereafter nominees require a minimum of 20 members to “show their support” to be included in the final vote. More on that to come.

The full calendar for the elections is as follows:

  • July 31 — Members, submit your nominations
  • August 23 — Show your support for Member Nominees
  • September 11 — Ask Candidates your questions in the Campaign Forum
  • September 19 — Make your voice heard, VOTE!

And like I said at the top, the first step is to become a member, so get on it now and help get me a seat!