Authored Content, Episode 14:, WordPress under attack, jQuery 2.0, and HTML5 vs. Native

Join Joe LeBlanc, Simon Allardice, Ray Villalobos, and Morten Rand-Hendriksen for a discussion of the new JS based framework, WordPress brute force attacks, Government website design, jQuery 2.0 and no more support for IE8, and the neverending debate over HTML5 vs. natvie apps brought to the forefront again due to LinkedIn’s move from HTML5 to native.

Authored Content, Episode 11: Google+ Hangouts, noUI, IE11, April Fools and more

Join Ray Villalobos and Morten Rand-Hendriksen in a conversation about IE11 user agent strings, the noUI movement, the future of the border-corner-shape CSS rule, aprilFools.css, the Unreal engine on the web, and HTML5 development for WiiU.

Introducing Anaximander: New WordPress theme to be released in the near future

It’s been a long time coming, but Design is Philosophy finally has a new look and better functionality. The new theme which I activated over the weekend is called “Anaximander” and sports everything a modern WordPress theme should have: Semantic valid HTML5 throughout, responsive layout through CSS3 media queries, carefully enqueued javascripts where necessary and…

Automatic responsive videos in WordPress with oEmbed, FitVids and a little PHP magic

UPDATE: I’ve added a 4th step to the list to remove automatic inline styles from being inserted when embedding videos. If you’re using a responsive theme on your WordPress site (or you’ve built a responsive theme) and you’ve added YouTube, Vimeo or other videos using oEmbed you will undoubtedly have noticed those videos do not…