Authored Content, Episode 15: Unity, Netflix, WordPress Post Formats, One Less JPG, and the Success Loch Ness

This week’s Authored Content became a sunsetting edition of sorts. Joined by Lisa Larson-Kelley the team talked Unity sunsetting Flash, Netflix sunsetting Silverlight, the huge controversy surrounding Post Formats in WordPress 3.6, whether one less JPG will make up for un-minimized JavaScript and finally Twitter sunsetting the Fail Whale.

Conversations with Mor10, episode 2: Flynn O’Connor on JS, Swipe Behaviours and Responsive Development

Yep, I am finally re-launching my much talked about but pretty much non-existent podcast, Conversations with Mor10. The first (and until now only) episode was posted more than a year ago but now I’ve finally gotten my setup in order and I’m going to make a valiant effort to keep posting. There are several interesting‚Ķ

Day 20: Using JavaScript Libraries in WordPress the Right Way

If you have worked with WordPress either as a stite owner or a developer you have likely run into situations where you add a plugin or a new theme only to find that some functions that previously work no longer work. This is in almost every case caused by JavaScript conflicts where the same library…