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Designing Informational User Experiences: My WordCamp Miami talk

Above is the video of my talk at WordCamp Miami 2015. Below are the slides in an un-squished format, and below that are all the links.

All the data in the talk is based on source material and research. Links to all relevant information (including Tweets, photos, stats, and tools) are provided below.

  1. Superhero Cheeskake by Jan van Hellemond
  2. This Is For Everyone
  3. More people today have access to a cell phone than a clean toilet
  4. Zoella
  5. Pew Die Pie
  6. Accessibility if for everyone: 
  7. Selfie Stick by Larry Miller
  8. Android Wear browser video by Conrad Sykes
  9. Mark Boulton quote
  10. Atomic Design by Brad Frost
  11. The Core Model by Ida Aalen
  12. Content Strategy for WordPress by Stephanie Leary
  13. Snow Fall
  14. Ghost
  15. Self-driving cars and the Trolley Problem
  16. Aesop Story Engine
  17. The Web Is Dead: Long Live the Internet
  19. Mobile expectations
  20. Facebook Instant Articles
  21. All the awesome LEGO photos
  22. Dan Mall quote
  23. “Content precedes design” Zeldman quote
  24. Auberge theme
  25. Brew House theme
  26. Android fragmentation from OpenSignal
  27. Media queries targets
  28. Ish 2.0
  29. 64% of Americans own a smartphone
  30. 19% of Americans rely on their smartphone for access to the internet
  31. Average web page size and other stats
  32. RICG Responsive Images Plugin
  33. Grunticon – SVG made easy with Grunt
  34. Grumpicon – SVG made easy without Grunt
  35. Thumb reach pain by Scott Hurff
  36. Apps organized by color, Bijan Sabet
  37. Adaptive Maps
  38. Magnetic Popup by Dmitry Semenov
  39. Dynamic sticky header (Headroom.js) by Nick Williams
  40. Ambient light media query demo by Tomomi Imura
  41. Can I Use
  42. Modernizr
  43. This Door is the Epitome of User Experience Design by Kelly Jepsen
  44. This Door is the Epitome of User Experience Design… Because It’s Hard to Get It Right The First Time by Cameron Moll
  45. Medium’s post on underlines
  46. Ilya Birman’s counterpoint on underlines
  47. Wired article on how we all use Emoji wrong
  48. There Is No Fold
  49. How People Read Online
  50. BBC article on how nobody understands the Hamburger
  51. Mystery Meat icons by LukeW
  52. LukeW: Obvious Always Wins

And finally: Free 10 day trials of for everyone!