Video Tutorials

How to upgrade to MAMP 3 – a quick video tutorial

MAMP 3 (the newest version) was just released with lots of cool new features. Now you’re wondering how you can upgrade your existing MAMP install to the new one without losing all your content. Fret not my friend. It’s not at all hard. You just have to do things in the right order. This 6 minute video tutorial walks you through the process and gets you up and running.


Installing and Running WordPress: MAMP – New course

Hot on the heels of Installing and Running WordPress: WAMP comes my new course Installing and Running WordPress: MAMP in the Online Training Library. I think you can see a pattern here. The WAMP and MAMP courses are two of a series of four different courses outlining four different methods for installing and running WordPress on Windows and Mac computers. The courses were created to provide you with options when it comes to creating your own custom development environment.

The course is a detailed walk-through of how to use MAMP to install and run WordPress on any Mac. Topics covered include how to install MAMP and WordPress and make them work together, how to access and work with WordPress and its files while running under MAMP, and how to back up your content from MAMP so you can uninstall it without losing all your work in the process.

Having WordPress installed natively on your computer makes experimenting with and building things for WordPress much easier and is an important tool in your WordPress toolkit. Installing and Running WordPress: MAMP is now available, so go check it out and let me know what you think!

This course is part of the Installing and Running WordPress course series. Other courses available include: