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Authored Content, Ep. 5: Opera moves to WebKit, Edge ReFlow in Beta, Jetstrap, and

For episode 5 of Authored Content content manager and author James Fritz joins regulars James Williamson, Ray Villalobos, and Morten Rand-Hendriksen in the unveiling of the new format we are calling “One Big Thing” in which each participant brings one interesting topic to the table and we discuss.

Topics on the agenda included Opera’s announcement that they are moving to the WebKit rendering engine, the beta release of Adobe’s new Edge ReFlow tool to design responsive websites, Jetstrap – a tool to help build Bootstrap websites, and the much talked about website and the challenges women face in the web development world.

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News Silverlight

Opera still on the fence about Silverlight

As I’ve reported before, the Opera web browser has less than stellar support for Microsoft’s Silverlight applications. During a net-meeting with Opera product executive Oleg Tukhin the Norwegian online magazine, my brother Ole asked if we will be seeing proper support for Microsoft’s Silverlight platform in the near future. The answer was somewhat ambiguous:

We continuously work on developing our products. Even though we in principle don’t see that the market will need Silverlight, we have a policy to support those technologies that people use.

This answer is as weird in Norwegian as it is in my translation. It could mean that Opera doesn’t think Silverlight is used enough for them to bother implementing support or it could mean that even though they don’t think Silverlight is used much, they are still working on supporting the technology. Nice vague political answer there Oleg.

Opera Mini on your iPhone? Not any time soon.

The Opera Mini browser for cell phones is popular application for cell phones. It can be installed on most Windows Mobile phones and the new Opera Mini 9.5 is the standard browser in the much sought after HTC Touch Diamond.

On the question of whether Opera Mini will make its way to the iPhone the answer is negative:

Opera’s vision is that we want our web browser available on as many platforms as possible. So there is always a posibility that Opera will become available for iPhone users. But right now we cannot confirm anything in that regard.

If you understand Norwegian you can read the actual quote here.


Silverlight in Opera (but no Silverligth 2 – at least not yet)

Silverlight is supposed to support the excellent Opera web browser, but there is a long road between theory and reality. As of right now, a clean instal of Silverlight will not function at all in Opera, even with the “masking” or “cloaking” feature. According to Opera themselves, Silverlight was supported already in version 9.22, but I’m running 9.26 and it doesn’t work for me.

Crazy Boomerang Blog has come up with a snippet of JavaScript that seems to solve this problem by cloaking Opera and pretending it’s Safari (!?!?) running on Windows. This works to a degree but depending on the SL app will cause the browser to crash. So far there is no support for Silverlight 2 and if you try to apply this smart little JS app, all you get is a blank space. I can’t say for sure, but it appears that this is actually an Opera problem and not a Silverlight one. Regardless, I hope the people at MS and Opera can get their heads together and get this app running on what is possibly the best (and definitely the fastest) browser on the planet.

[Crazy Boomerang Blog]