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WordPress Standard Search Widget Not Working

UPDATE: So it turns out the problem was caused by the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin. Once deactivated, the search box is now working properly. I’ll drop Christine Davis a line about this problem when I have time.

So my friend Anna starts bugging me about not having a search function on my blog. I believe I used to have one but it must have gotten lost in my constant rearranging of the sidebar. Anyway, I put up the standard WordPress Search widget and figure everything is going to be fine, right? Wrong! For some unknown reason it doesn’t actually generate any results! Very strange.

I don’t really have time to look into this and figure out what on earth is going on: All I can say is that the searchform.php and search.php files are correct. So now I’m all confused and I can’t really find the time to fix the problem.

Hopefully someone smarter than me can tip me off about what is going on. Otherwise I’m going to install a different search widget and just leave it at that.