Conversations with Mor10

Conversations with Mor10, Episode 3: Aaron Gustafson and the Web Standards Sherpa

Web standards matter, now more than ever. While at MIX11 I attended a session with web standards guru Aaron Gustafson on a new project called Web Standards Sherpa. It’s a great site where web standards and usability experts dissect sites and point out the good and the bad to help all of us build a better web.

After his talk (cut in below) I caught up with Aaron and we had a chat about the project and web standards in general. Listen and enjoy.

When you are done, check out Web Standards Sherpa on the web and on Twitter, stalk Aaron on Twitter and watch his MIX11 talk.

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The music featured in this podcast was created by my friend Jeremy Lim and is called Drop. If you’re interested in this type of music or just want to see all the cool stuff Jeremy is up to you should check out his current project fiftytwocreatives.