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Typograph Theme Update – Now With Threaded Comments

typograph-newThe Typograph theme has proven to be incredibly popular and I have gotten tons of emails and comments about it with suggestions of improvements and updates. As an answer to all the input I have uploaded the 0.8.5 version of the theme to the WordPress Theme Directory where you can download it to spiff up your blog even more.

Fixing the tabbed box

One of the major issues with the original Typograph theme was an unexpected one for me: It turned out that the tabbed box was conflicting with a number of popular plug-ins including Lightbox 2 and others. When these plug-ins were installed one of two things would happen: either the plug-in wouldn’t work or the tabbed box wouldn’t work.

After much discussion both in the original post on this blog and also in the support forums on it became clear that the problem was caused by two separate JavaScript conflicts: First off, the NicEdit HTML editor I used for the comments section was clashing with ceartain plug-ins. Seccondly the JQuery library used to create the tabbed box effect was impinging on other JQuery based plug-ins.

To solve this I’ve done two things: The NicEdit HTML editor for the comments is gone (so no more fancy HTML editing for now, sorry. I’m looking for a solution) and I have rebuilt the tabbed box from scratch using the MooTools library instead. Extensive testing with numerous plug-ins shows that at least as far as I know the conflicts are no longer there and everything works properly. If you do find any more conflicts, please tell me so I can fix them.

Threaded Comments

Typograph threaded commentsOne of the really cool new features in WordPress 2.7 is threaded comments. Basically this means that when you comment on a posting you can answer other comments and your answer will appear “nested” within the comment you answered rather than on the bottom of the page. This is a very cool feature that you had to use a plug-in for in the past. Upgrading to threaded comments was quite a challenge. There is very little information about it around and it took me a while to figure it out. Luckily I came across two blogs with instructions and it is these two approaches combined that formed the basis for the threaded comments in Typograph. These were Chris Harrison’s blog (for styling) and Otto’s blog for backend code. Thanks go out to the both of them for excellent tutorials and to Otto for some extra help via e-mail.