Video Tutorials

How to upgrade to MAMP 3 – a quick video tutorial

MAMP 3 (the newest version) was just released with lots of cool new features. Now you’re wondering how you can upgrade your existing MAMP install to the new one without losing all your content. Fret not my friend. It’s not at all hard. You just have to do things in the right order. This 6 minute video tutorial walks you through the process and gets you up and running.


Updated 404 template for Anaximander

One of the templates that is often overlooked when creating a WordPress theme is the 404 template. The 404 template creates the 404 page that appears when a viewer follows a broken link or enters a garbage link in the address field in their browser. You can see an example by following this link which obviously goes nowhere:

In the rush to release Anaximander and my most recent course WordPress: Building Responsive Themes the 404 template in the starter theme got a bit mangled. I was made aware of this by one of my viewers and we are updating the lesson files as we speak. If you’ve already started on the course or are using Anaximander for your site, I’m providing the fixed file here for you to download and install directly.

Click here to download the zip archive with the 404.php file.

To install the new 404 template unzip the archive and place the new 404.php file inside your Anaximander-Static folder replacing the old one.

The new 404 template is similar to the search template: It provides a simple message saying something went wrong and then offers up the 12 most recent posts as an option to the visitor.