Authored Content, Episode 7: GitHub,, Google Glass, and Windows 8 applications

The Authored Content crew teams up with developer and educator David Gassner to talk GitHub,, Google Glass, and get a demo of Windows 8 app development. Watch the video and join the discussion! You can watch all the episodes of Authored Content on YouTube (playlist), like Authored Content on Facebook, and join the Authored…

Authored Content, Ep. 3: Freelancing

Deciding to become a freelancer can be the best or the worst decision you make in your professional career. There are great benefits and horrible pitfalls. In episode 3 of Authored Content new staff author Jess Stratton joins regulars James Williamson, Ray Villalobos, and Morten Rand-Hendriksen to talk about the many issues surrounding freelancing and freelancers and how to avoid them. Topics covered include what to charge for services, how do deal with difficult clients, avoiding scope creep, and valuing your own time.

Authored Content, Ep. 1: Tools of the Web Trade

In collaboration with fellow authors James Williamson and Ray Villalobos I have started a new weekly video web series called Authored Content. In the video series James, Ray, myself, and invited guests discuss web development and design and anything related to these topics. The series is recorded using Google+ Hangouts and is made available live during recording and on YouTube for posterity. The goal of the series is to provide a more direct channel for viewers to interact with us and discuss the topics. And who knows, in time we might open our hangouts to the public!