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Typograph for WordPress 2.7 Coltrane released

With the release of WordPress 2.7 Coltrane came the introduction of a new template tag called post_class(). Interestingly I have been using a custom template tag by that exact name for a long time in my themes including the free Typograph. That means when users of Typograph upgrade to WordPress 2.7 Coltrane a conflict occurs between the WordPress functions.php file and the Typograph functions.php file because both define the same template tag.

To solve this issue I have released a new version of the Typograph theme customized for WordPress 2.7 Coltrane. It has been submitted to the WordPress Theme Directory pending approval. In the meantime you can download it directly from my server:

Download Typograph for WP 2.7

By Morten Rand-Hendriksen

Morten Rand-Hendriksen is a staff author at LinkedIn Learning and specializing in WordPress and web design and development and an instructor at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. He is a popular speaker and educator on all things design, web standards and open source. As the owner and Web Head at Pink & Yellow Media, a boutique style digital media company in Burnaby, BC, Canada, he has created WordPress-based web solutions for multi-national companies, political parties, banks, and small businesses and bloggers alike. He also contributes to the local WordPress community by organizing Meetups and WordCamps.

8 replies on “Typograph for WordPress 2.7 Coltrane released”

Thanks for the comment!
This comment passing is quite interesting!
And thanks for the wp theme comment, got to say though I didn’t design mine like yours, mine is Grid Focus by Derek Punsalan
I couldn’t exactly match the quality of yours!

The drop-down effect of the box runs with JQuery and should work “out of the box”. I have a feeling you might have a plug-in activated that zeros out the JS. Try deactivating all your plug-ins and then activating one at a time to see if any of them interfere. If there is a conflict, please tell me so I can put it in the documentation. If not, drop me a line and I’ll try to figure it out.

Morten… Thanks so much for your great Typograph design. Do you have a donation button set up some where? I’ll want to push a few dollars your way when I bring my new site design with your theme live.

Quick question though: Is the new 2.7 version of Typograph ready for the new comment threading and paging? I’m really excited about that and would rather not have to tear up the entire Typograph comment design in order to revert to WP’s comments.php just top get the comments working.


Hi Matt. You’re in luck! I uploaded the new Typograph theme with threaded comments and some other improvements just a few minutes ago. It’s been submitted to the WordPress Theme Depository for upgrade but that usually takes a few days. In the meantime you can get the new theme from my server by following the link in this posting.

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