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What would you want in the perfect WordPress photo theme?

After having finished a myriad of enormously time consuming projects I have decided I need to do something just for fun. So I’m going to build an advanced (and free) WordPress theme for photographers. I’ve noticed over the last couple of years that photographers really love WordPress but that the themes out there, great as they are, are quite inflexible and uniform. As a result a lot of photographers go out and buy a premium theme customized for photographers and advertised as being the greatest thing since the SLR only to realize they are just clunky and inflexible WordPress themes built on top of other clunky and inflexible free themes. So, because I have a lot of photographer friends and because I like building WordPress themes I’m going to build a rock solid WordPress theme specifically for photographers that has tons of customizability and functionality built in.

Have your say: What would the ideal WordPress theme for photographers look like?

I’m a photographer myself, but since I don’t actually sell my photography services I have chosen not to have a dedicated site for it. Therefore I am not the ideal person to make a list of what the perfect or ideal WordPress photo theme should do in terms of functionality, customizability and integration. So instead of making a list myself only to realize I left out all the important stuff I’m asking you point blank what you want.

Go to the comments below and give me your dreams, desires and crazy ideas for what a photography WordPress theme should and could do and I’ll bundle it all up and see if I can incorporate all of, or as much as possible of it into the new theme. Think of it as a collaborative effort: You provide the ideas, I make them into reality!

By Morten Rand-Hendriksen

Morten Rand-Hendriksen is a Senior Staff Instructor at LinkedIn Learning (formerly specializing in AI, bleeding edge web technologies, and the intersection between technology and humanity. He also occasionally teaches at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. He is a popular conference and workshop speaker on all things tech ethics, AI, web technologies, and open source.

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I’d like a theme with a thumbnail gallery, and a scrolling image function. The blog function is honestly not very important to my needs. There’s probably one out there already, but I’m very new to wordpress and site-making in general.

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