Why WordPress? My WordCamp Seattle 2013 Keynote

Earlier this year I was honoured with the privilege of being the keynote speaker at WordCamp Seattle. The topic of my talk: Answer the question “Why WordPress”. My talk featured over 300 slides and took a look at the impact and importance of WordPress on the web over the last 10 years. Short synopsis: WordPress changed everything. In addition you get anecdotes, statistics, and a fair portion of nonsense and Vikings – exactly what you should expect. I’m not one to toot my own horn, but what I will say is that during my talk my handle @mor10 trended on Twitter, and there were people who claimed this was the best keynote they had ever seen. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

The presentation is 48 minutes long and contains one swear word. The slides are a little wonky in this video version but the important components come through clearly.

Watch it here or go to WordCamp.tv and take in this and all the other awesome presentations from WordCamp Seattle and beyond.

3 thoughts on “Why WordPress? My WordCamp Seattle 2013 Keynote

  1. I was watching your Live Lessons DVD today because I decided to work within a few MS tools for a new website due to the fact I am now developing Windows Store apps. Thanks for the continued greatness! Too bad MS pulled the plug on the creative side of their dev platform. Although I enjoy WP and use it more than any other CMS, just wanted to do something different and also I thought it might tie in better with Win8 apps.

  2. What a great presentation. The authentic Viking data is invaluable. I am learning WP from your courses on Lynda and came from a college education of tables, HTML and CSS with very little attention to php, jquery, DB, etc. I’ve been fighting WP. Your lessons took me below the dashboard to remind me why I love coding and showed me the power of functions and php. I’m volunteering at every PHP/WP event I can get to now. And beginning my business with WP. Looking forward to learning more from you, getting to Wordcamps, learning the codex and joining the community. I’ve been converted. Thanks for all your help.

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